↔️┃Token Distribution


  • 15% to the Public Sale distributed upfront (5% xMONO & 10% MONO)

  • 10% to Protocol Owned Liquidity (7.5% used for initial liquidity, pre-minted in a multi-sig)

  • 5% to the Alpha Pools distributed linearly over 3 months as xMONO


  • 24.5% to Liquidity Mining over the next 3 years

  • 15.5% to Ecosystem

  • 15% to the Public Sale

  • 10% to Protocol Owned Liquidity

  • 10% to Partnerships (3-months cliff and 2 years vesting)

  • 15% to Investors vested linearly over 1 years

  • 5% to Farming Pools vested linearly over 3 months

  • 5% to the Core Contributors vested linearly over 3 years

Except for Protocol Owned Liquidity allocation, all emissions are made with a combination of MONO and xMONO.

Release schedule

The supply will be released over a total of 2 years in both MONO and xMONO. The initial MONO and xMONO float is 24.5% and 5%, respectively.

Public Sale

The sale will offer 15% (150,000) of the MONO supply, with 10% in MONO (99,000) and 5% in xMONO (51,000). Any unsold tokens will be burned.

Genesis Liquidity Mining Program

From days before the public sale starts until its end, MonoSwap will open deposits for the Alpha Pools.

Depositors will linearly earn emissions in xMONO during the 3 months following the public sale.

Liquidity Mining Emissions

MonoSwap will release around 15% of liquidity incentives emissions in MONO and 85% in xMONO.

The ratio earned will differ by the pool, and the exact emissions rate will respond to demand but target the rate in the release schedule graph.

Both native and riskier pools will generally earn a higher percentage of MONO vs xMONO.


The partnership allocation will go towards protocols that integrate with MonoSwap and ensure long-term alignment within the Blast ecosystem.

All partnerships will vest over a 1-year time horizon in xMONO with a 3-month cliff.

Most partners will serve as initial launch partners and have their tokens featured in the Alpha Pools.

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