🎮 | MonoXP

The hallmark of your MonoSwap experience

MonoXP is among all those juicy rewards that users will reap in the Mono ecosystem.

MonoXP is how MonoSwap redistributes Yield in ETH and USDB, Gas Revenue Sharing, Developer Airdrop from Blast, and Dividends from the Mono Ecosystem to all Mono users and contributors.

Though not a traditional token, MonoXP represents more than just currency within the MonoSwap community. While it cannot be traded or transferred, its value lies in the exclusive rewards and privileges it bestows upon dedicated participants.

How MonoXP works

Distinctive Identity

MonoXP serves as a testament to your commitment and contributions to the MonoSwap community. Its significance lies in the unique rewards and privileges it offers.

Weekly Refresh

With each passing week, MonoXP provides a clean slate, affording you fresh opportunities to ascend the ranks and seize coveted rewards.

Dynamic Reward System

MonoXP's allure lies in its dynamic nature. With fluctuating XP multipliers and earning rates, your journey through MonoSwap is marked by excitement and unpredictability.

How to get MonoXP

  • Daily Engagements: Kickstart your daily routine with purposeful tasks designed to earn you XP and unlock coveted MonoChests brimming with surprises.

  • Swapping Expertise: Experience the thrill of swapping on MonoSwap and witness your XP ascend with each transaction. Enhanced by Pool XP Multipliers, your swapping endeavors become strategically rewarding endeavors.

  • Liquidity Contributions: Elevate your status within liquidity pools by contributing assets and earning XP commensurate with factors such as assets deposit, lock period multiplier, and pool XP multiplier.

  • xMONO Staking: Amplify your XP accumulation by strategically staking xMONO. The longer your stake, the greater your rewards, albeit within the context of inherent risks and challenges.

  • Minting/Burning Opportunities: Unravel the mysteries of MUSD to unlock XP rewards reflective of the value redeemed in each transaction. Each interaction presents an opportunity to uncover hidden insights and shape MonoSwap's trajectory.

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