MONO and xMONO Extras


  1. Obtainment

MONO can be purchased through the exchange tab or earned through farming after creating an LP-NFT position.

  1. Process of obtainment

MONO can be converted to xMONO at a 1:1 ratio under the xMONO tab. Additionally, xMONO can be earned from incentivized active farms.

  1. Capped supply

MONO will reach its hard cap somewhere around 2027. Deflationary mechanisms have also been implemented to reduce the total supply.


  1. Value of xMONO

xMONO is illiquid, and its value is directly correlated to the MONO value. One xMONO equals one MONO.

  1. Capped supply

xMONO is an essentially wrapped MONO and does not have its own maximum supply. The number of xMONOs in circulation is equal to the amount of MONO.

Can I swap xMONO for any other token?

xMONO is not transferable. You can only redeem it to MONO.

How long does it take for xMONO to redeem (vest)?

The minimum vesting duration is 15 days (50% MONO output), and the maximum duration is 183 days (100% MONO output). As your xMONO vests, 50% of the amount is automatically staked in dividends.

  1. Extras

How can I utilize the xMONO tab?

  • Convert MONO to xMONO

  • Redeem xMONO to MONO through a vesting

  • Allocate xMONO to dividends to earn rewards

  • Allocate xMONO through yield booster to boost your positions' APR

  • Allocate xMONO to the launchpad extra to get exposed to launchpad-related benefits

What are the benefits of yield booster, and how does it work?

The yield booster allows boosting emissions APR% by allocating xMONO to a specific LP-NFT position. The boost in xMONO allocation depends on the number of users allocating to a particular asset. Note that a higher number of users allocating xMONO to a position will result in a lower APR, as the boost is shared among users.

How are dividends distributed?

A portion of the transaction fees and yield is distributed as dividends every week. Rewards are distributed continuously, meaning that you can harvest pending rewards at any point.

Does the dividends epoch (cycle) always consist of 7 days?

Yes, the epoch always lasts for 7 days.

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