MonoSwap represents a meticulously crafted ecosystem-centric, yield-driven Decentralized Exchange (DEX) and Launchpad seamlessly integrated with the robust Blast framework.

Distinguished by its highly efficient and customizable protocol, MonoSwap provides builders and users alike with the unparalleled ability to harness our bespoke infrastructure, fostering deep, sustainable, and adaptable liquidity. Going beyond conventional DEX designs, MonoSwap stands out by offering a uniquely tailored approach that places a premium on composability, redefining the landscape of decentralized financial solutions.

Welcome to the realm

Our objectives

  • Empower the Blast ecosystem with a diverse array of innovative features, providing unparalleled flexibility and control over liquidity and yield for its participants.

  • Facilitate the seamless launch of new protocols on Blast by offering essential tools that enable them to initiate, bootstrap liquidity, and ensure sustained growth and yield.

  • Extend access to permissionless tools, catering to projects of varying sizes, allowing them to effectively leverage our protocol to meet their unique requirements and yield goals.

  • Deliver cutting-edge functionality that seamlessly integrates, evolves, and benefits other protocols within the ecosystem and yield space.

  • Pioneer a real yield narrative within the realm of DEX and liquidity provision, employing innovative emissions strategies that embrace sustainable tokenomics and align incentives among builders, users, the protocol, and yield.

  • Strive for maximum decentralization, empowering the community to steer the protocol's direction as a DAO, while ensuring the core team can sustainably develop the protocol and optimize yield.


In MonoSwap's realm, we transcend mere DEX excellence on Blast. As an ecosystem-driven force, we aim to crown MonoSwap as the ultimate launchpad—a hub for Blast's most promising protocols. Our platform empowers like-minded builders, guiding them through transparent launch journeys, and elevating their potential with profound impact.

MonoSwap's inception itself was propelled through its launchpad. Consequently, we view it as a compelling avenue for teams to secure funds and liquidity in a decentralized, yield-driven fashion.

Feature-rich AMM

MonoSwap's V2 AMM stands out with a dual AMM foundation, adept at accommodating both volatile and stable swaps. Introducing another layer of sophistication, we are unveiling dynamic directional fees for our trading pairs. This groundbreaking feature enables the setting of distinct fees for each pool and varying fees based on the direction of the swap (buying/selling). These innovations in AMM empower us to offer highly customized and tailored pool configurations for specific trading pairs.


MonoSwap's V3 AMM is founded on a remarkably efficient and feature-rich codebase. Our deployment of this AMM exemplifies efficiency and user-centric design, meticulously tailored to meet the unique demands of MonoSwap and the broader Blast ecosystem. Notably, we have seamlessly integrated MonoSwap's innovative spNFT and Maestro technologies, alongside concentrated liquidity managers, into the V3 AMM for an enhanced and comprehensive trading experience.

Yield like never before & Incentives

A pivotal innovation within MonoSwap is the introduction of a groundbreaking liquidity approach centered around non-fungible staked positions. These yield-bearing positions serve as an augmented layer atop conventional LP tokens, incorporating novel features that offer advantages to both users and protocols:

  • Dynamic Handling of Locks and Yield Boosts: Management of locks on staked positions and their accompanying yield boosts.

  • Enhanced Capital Efficiency: Introduction of diverse custom staking strategies to significantly improve capital efficiency.

  • Versatile Re-usability: Uniquely reusable, whether within our own protocol, exemplified by Maestro Pools, or through limitless potential for external implementations.


We staunchly advocate for providing protocols the autonomy to directly engage with MonoSwap, absent any interference or approval from our team—a fundamental tenet we believe should be the standard for a contemporary AMM.

Through our permissionless Maestro Pools, projects gain unfettered control over their incentives, enjoying unparalleled flexibility to construct the precise liquidity framework essential for their flourishing. While protocols retain complete authority to incentivize and oversee their liquidity, MonoSwap complements this by offering tailored strategies to facilitate goal attainment.

Looking forward, our vision entails the transformation of Launchpad into a fully permissionless platform. This evolution democratizes opportunities for all projects, offering an equitable chance to bootstrap their token launch and liquidity. Additionally, diverse models will be presented to cater to a spectrum of needs within the evolving landscape.

Long-term sustainability

MonoSwap operates on a dual-token model, comprising the native liquid MONO and its escrowed counterpart xMONO—a non-transferable governance token. Both tokens serve as farming rewards, with the majority of emissions distributed in xMONO, providing precise control over supply flow in the market. This strategic approach enables us to strike a harmonious balance, offering compelling incentives for initial liquidity growth while fortifying the protocol's long-term sustainability.

To further fortify MonoSwap's tokenomics, we implement a supply hard cap, meticulously designed emissions, and additional deflationary mechanisms. These elements collectively contribute to the intricate puzzle, ensuring the enduring sustainability of our ecosystem.

In a commitment to real yield, a portion of protocol earnings, primarily sourced from swap fees, will be redistributed to xMONO users. Simultaneously, funds will be allocated for buyback & burns, maintaining a consistent buying pressure on MONO for sustained value appreciation.

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