☄️┃Maestro Pools

Maestro Pools are the perfect illustration of the latent power of MonoSwap's staked positions.

They are fixed-duration pools made to receive staked positions (iNFTs) from users, hence offering them a new layer of yield rewards in addition to what those positions are already generating.

More concretely, they are a very direct and totally permissionless way for protocols to incentivize their liquidity without any need for intermediaries. But the game changer here is the capacity to add a set of requirements, providing projects a unique ability to target the precise staking user's profile that they want to reward or to focus incentives on a certain type of liquidity.

There are two different kinds of Maestro Pools on the app:

  • Official Maestro Pools: created by the MonoSwap team, or verified partners

  • Community Maestro Pools: openly deployed by anyone

Examples of the iNFT and Maestro mechanics

  • A - Let's say you create an iNFT using the ETH/USDC pair, which is incentivized by MonoSwap with emissions. This position will automatically start generating farming emissions returns. If you deposit this staked position into a Maestro pool, you will earn three types of yield: trading fees from liquidity provision, rewards from the Maestro pool, and farm incentives -> (x/MONO)

  • B - If you create an iNFT using the XYZ/USDC pair, which is not incentivized by MonoSwap with emissions, your earnings will be limited to trading fees that are automatically reinvested into the liquidity pool. However, if you deposit this staked position into a Maestro pool, you will earn trading fees from liquidity provision and rewards from the Maestro pool -> (Can be any token)

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