A special coin for everyone, everywhere, everytime

MUSD is designed to be a flywheel model, where the stable growth of a core currency on Blast is able to attract more users, thus improving the growth and stability of the rewards for all participants without the volatility risks associated with cryptocurrencies.

Retail Investors

Gives Blast users a way to store their profits without moving the funds off the chain. Because MUSD is fully backed by USDB, it gives users choices of storing their profits:

  • In a stablecoin that stays at $1 only OR

  • Storing in a coin that can grow in value

P2E NFT Game Partnerships

P2E games can buy MUSD when the game first starts and reward players with the same MUSD but at a possible higher value in the future.

P2E studios can also own the liquidity pool for their own pairs and stake the LP token. The rewards from the LP-NFT and Dividend Extras could possibly be used as a reward for their players. Turning zero-sum games into net positive games.

The more successful the game is, the more transactions there will be, and in turn, the more valuable the rewards are. All this is done without increasing the cost to the game for the game operators.

DApp Partnerships

These businesses can store and/or give out rewards in MUSD.

  • This reduces their risk of selecting a volatile coin to accept.

  • Their revenue can possibly grow in value in the future as more of their customers and other businesses operate on the chain.

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