The majority of the protocol earnings are redistributed to users who allocated xMONO to the Dividends plugin.

This dividend distribution can be done in the form of one or more tokens, and happens continuously (reward/second), through weekly epochs.


The distribution is based on a weekly epoch logic: every week, a fixed part of the owner-defined accumulated tokens is marked as to be distributed.

The same process is repeated every 7 days.

Payouts handling

The distribution of those tokens is equally spread over the duration of the epoch and allocated on a second basis to every user with an xMONO allocation on this Dividends plugin, proportionally to their share of the total allocation.

In simpler terms, if we go with the following values:

  • A total of 10,000 xMONO is allocated to the dividends plugin

  • A daily distribution of 10,000 MUSD

If a user has allocated 200 xMONO to the plugin, he owns 2% of the allocations and will consequently receive 2% of the daily rewards, ie, 200 MUSD.

Dividends are being distributed continuously; users don't need to wait for the end of the epoch to collect them.


Deallocating xMONO from this plugin is not subject to any condition, and can be done anytime.

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