🏰 | MonoChest

A treasure trove containing xMONO, MUSD, MonoPass, and MonoPot matching opportunities.

As part of our commitment to the ecosystem, 20% of Ecosystem Funds will be allocated to fund MonoChest.

10% of the amount that's used to purchase MonoChest will be allocated to MonoPot winnings. While the other 90% is used to fuel MonoChest's reward. There are no restrictions on the number of chests players can purchase or open daily, though reward limits are in place for security reasons. These limits will gradually be lifted if no exploits are identified.

MonoChest Key can be obtained via MonoSwap's Airdrop & Giveaway, which can be used to open MonoChest for free.

A portion of transaction fees will be reinvested into these rewards, ensuring a continuous supply. Any token rewards not claimed will be rolled over to the following day.

To enhance your MonoChest experience, there are five types of rarities, each offering a different level of rewards:

  • Common Chest

  • Uncommon Chest

  • Rare Chest

  • Epic Chest

  • Mythical Chest

Furthermore, our MonoPot matching feature adds an extra layer of excitement. Each MonoChest contains a ticket of combination numbers, which users can collect and use during the weekly MonoPot spin. Unclaimed token rewards will roll over to subsequent spins, while unclaimed tickets will be burned after each draw.

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