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A curated collection of 666 MonoPass NFTs on Blast, fostering a community built on robust identity, core values, and rewarding engagement.

MonoPass stands out as a collection of utility NFTs, distinct from typical art NFT collections, designed specifically to enhance community engagement and reward participation within the MonoSwap ecosystem. These NFTs are not just digital assets but tools that empower users to access unique opportunities, earn exclusive rewards, and participate in governance.

By integrating MonoPass into the MonoSwap platform, we aim to foster a community built on strong identity and values, ensuring that investments in the platform are continually redirected back into rewarding our users. As part of the Mono and Blast communities, holding a MonoPass signifies a proud representation of each user’s active participation and commitment to our shared principles of transparency, fairness, and value.

Key Features of MonoPass

1. Weekly Treasure

MonoPass holders can open MonoChests ranging from Uncommon to Legendary categories on a weekly basis, completely free of charge. This feature allows users to consistently engage with the platform and receive regular rewards without additional investment.

2. Real Yield Access

By staking MonoPass, users can earn a real yield paid out in ETH, representing a share of the protocol’s earnings. This feature not only provides a financial incentive but also ties the community’s success directly to the success of the platform, creating a mutually beneficial ecosystem.

3. Governance Voting

Ownership of a MonoPass grants users the right to vote on key decisions affecting the Mono ecosystem. This participatory feature ensures that holders have a voice in the platform’s direction and operations, reinforcing the community-led nature of MonoSwap.

MonoPass Details

  • Total Supply: 666

  • Whitelist Mint: 200 slots (Price: 0.005 ETH)

  • MonoChest Reward: 400 slots

  • Community Airdrop: 66 slots

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