MONO Token

Name: Monoswap Token

Ticker: MONO

Chain: BLAST

Max supply: 1,000,000 MONO


MONO is the Monoswap's native token. It can be exchanged with xMONO using our DApp and can be sold and traded like a normal token.

Buying Pressure

  • Some of the swap fees will used to buy back and burn MONO token

  • Users can buy MONO tokens to swap to xMONO to get benefits from our plugins

Selling Pressure

  • Users can sell this token at any time

Deflationary Mechanism

  • Buybacks and buy

  • Redemption burns: Any conversion of xMONO to MONO that is not vested to the full duration of 6 months will have a burn effect.


  • Any deallocation of xMONO from plugins will have a slight burn rate of 0.5%. Different extras may have different deallocation burn rates.

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