📅┃MONO Launch

MonoSwap was designed to be yield-driven, and the MONO token's launch sequence was a significant factor in achieving that goal. The public sale provided a transparent and fair opportunity for the community, investors, and partners to purchase MONO.

MONO Launch

The public sale will begin in March 2024.

  • The auction mechanism will start with a fully diluted valuation (FDV), fixing a floor price for MONO, and increase after the first fund is raised

  • The public sale offers 15% of the MONO supply (150,000 out of 1,000,000 tokens in total), with 10% in MONO and 5% in xMONO.

  • There are investments from Backers and VC

  • All purchases are settled at the same price based on the total amount deposited

  • There is no hard cap on the public sale and no limit on how much ETH can be allocated per wallet

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